Summer Shoe Haul: Comfortable Flats

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I own a lot of shoes! I love shoes! Who doesn’t, right?

The problem is, I tend to go into a shop to buy a comfortable flat shoe for everyday use and I end up leaving the shop with 3 pairs of heels… and no flats!

So when I say that I own a lot of shoes, they are mainly sexy and stylish stiletto heels that I would last all of 5 minutes in if I tried to wear them daily.

An intervention was necessary! So I summoned up all of the self-control that I was allotted for this week (so free pass on eating every piece of chocolate that makes its way into my life in the next week) and headed to Canal Walk for a summer flat shoe shopping haul.

Luckily, there are so many awesome flat sandals and pumps in stores right now, I had more than enough options to keep myself distracted from all the pretty sparkly heels that are also all over the darn place. *sigh*

Rox Starr Diaries_summer shoes_1Rox Starr Diaries_summer shoes_2   Rox Starr Diaries_summer shoes_4 Rox Starr Diaries_summer shoes_5

Rox Starr Diaries_summer shoes_6Rox Starr Diaries_summer shoes_3

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