Spoiling myself with RubyBox

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Spoil myself once a month? Why not?! I have become a RubyBox addict! Once a month, the fabulous people at RubyBox send me a gorgeous little box filled with beauty essentials. For most of the products, I am trying them … Continued

Summer Shoe Haul: Comfortable Flats

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I own a lot of shoes! I love shoes! Who doesnโ€™t, right? The problem is, I tend to go into a shop to buy a comfortable flat shoe for everyday use and I end up leaving the shop with 3 … Continued

Favourite Curly Hair Products

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I stared into the mirror, a smoking straightening iron in hand while the girl with the crispy, frazzled hair stared back at me. Straight and sleek, as promised on the packaging of the thermal protectant on my dressing table, was … Continued

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