A few years ago, my hair situation was terminal. My once curly hair was so heat- damaged that my natural hair state resembled candyfloss more than curls. To top it all off, I was losing hair in bucket-loads every time I washed and combed through my curls. My doctor informed me that I had developed eczema on my scalp, which I then realised was possibly also the explanation for the flakey patches of skin on my face. Taking the news to heart, I did what any self-respecting and panicked woman would do – I googled. And so started my love affair with Pinterest DIY beauty, fashion and home decor DIY tutorials.

Aside from the sheer, unadulterated euphoria I experience during my allocated time on Pinterest and blogs, my hair and skin have also reaped the benefits, as you can see from the pics. No more fuzzy brown aura around my head or dry patches of foundation flaking off of my face.

I also love to write and share my life lessons with others in the hopes that it will inspire them. Hence the blog.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures!

Loads of love and light,